Manufacturing Process

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1) Material Receipt
Get all Raw Materials powder from RM Store as per requisition. Check weight & note in MFG log sheet.

2) Shifting Process
All the powder or raw materials shifting is done through 60 mesh sieve by shifter.

3) Paste Preparation Process
Soak required binder material in sufficient D.M. Water for two hours and boil above solution till uniform paste is formed.

4) Mixing & Granulation Process
All raw materials powder is mix properly through mass mixer for 30 minutes & add prepared paste and D.M. water as per batch size requirement and blend for 30 minutes.

5) Kharal & Binder Process
Add wetted material properly in Kharal.
For sufficient time & suitable capacity of kharal as per material volume. And make it of sufficient thickness for granules using D.M. Water/Bhavana’s Dravya at the time of kharal processes per formulation requirement.

6) Drying
Dry the wetted material in tray drier and fluid bed dryer at required temperature until the water content each is below 2% w/w.

7) Dry Screening
Pass the dry granules through 16 mesh screen.

8) Lubrication
Pass the lubricant through 60 mesh screen and mix granules in mixer machine for 20 minutes.

9) Compression
Compress the granules on tablet rotary machine using required punches & dies. Deducts the tablets by shifting through 20 mesh screen Inspect the deducted tablets. Sort out the rejected tablets.

10) Coating
Compress tablet transfer coating pan and prepare coating on tablet. Then after tablet draw laboratory sample for analysis.

1) Material Receipt:-
All the Raw Materials received from store room as per requisition slip and check weight. After that Raw material is cleaned carefully and kept away from all the foreign matters and other impurities.

2) Cutting Process:-
After cleaning Raw Materials cut a small piece & prepared for grinding, send to grinding department.

3) Grinding Process:-
All the cleaned & small piece of Raw Materials are mixed properly & grind in a Disintegrator, which is fitted, required screen. So a material is converted in a uniform powder.

4) Kwath Process:-
Crushed Raw Material and take required water as per formula into jacketed vessel. Boil for required time and temperature and prepared liquid extract of Raw Material and filter the liquid extract for syrup making process.

5) Syrup Process:-
Liquid extract of Raw Materials is to be taken into the clean-jacketed vessel. First take liquid in vessel & start heating & stirrer then adding required sugar slowly in jacketed vessel and continues heating & stirring till the sugar completely dissolves & make a proper syrup form & filter through filter process.

6) Color, Preservative and Flavor Mixing:-
When Syrup becomes cold then Colour, Preservative & Flavour are added as per required quantity.

7) Storage: –
Collect the finished product in storage tank and draw the sample for Laboratories Analysis.