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Vaidya Vinod C. Mehta

Vaidya Vinod Mehta

Vaidya Vinod C Mehta Graduated as Gold Medalist from KG Mittal Ayurvedic College, Mumbai in 1984. He has carried forth his grandfather’s 50 year old legacy, and enhanced it by adapting to the modern age. Their combined experience, research and impeccable ethics reflect in their preparations. A tireless worker, he runs and contributes too many social endeavors.

His Knowledge has combined well with VeerHealth Care’s modern production facilities and research team; while his Ideology has found a perfect match in the Board’s Vision.

He gives crucial guidance in terms of Original Formulations & Production techniques; albeit always with a smile.

Dr Manan V. Mehta

Vaidya Vinod Mehta

Dr. Manan V Mehta Graduated from Terna Medical College, Navi Mumbai in 2011. With extensive training in Vashi NMMC, Sir JJ group of hospitals & under private physicians, he has amassed a massive medical database in very little time; with a keen interest in diabetology. Having secured a distinction in the Subject of Pharmacology, he advises on the various chemical aspects of our Original Formulations. He researches upcoming herbs of medical value and studies the molecular makeup of existing ones.

Like father like son, he too is actively a part of various charitable ventures.

Young and energetic, he combines his father’s extensive Ayurvedic background with his own Allopathic training. From website to production site he helps VeerHealth Care’s mission with ease.